Triple A is a band of Los Angeles DJs dedicated to bringing you the highest standard in music for any occasion.

4th of July Summer Mix

Summer is upon us!  We caught up with Triple A lounging on a Sunday at the new 80's coke pad.  Chill summer vibes throughout this almost three hour mix features classic soul from DJ Bumbaclot, contemporary hip-hop and 80s funk sets from Aaron Nice, and the latest chill laser set from Kevin.  Stream the mix above or download it for your mobile device listening pleasure.  Take it to the beach, take it to the barbecue.

Kevin's Euro Invasion Mix



Last Friday we had a surprise Triple A performance at the Greyhound and DJ Bumbaclot's final performance.  In addition, as a sendoff to a trip through Europe, we all serenaded the crowd with euro beats deep into the night.  Here's a recording of Kevin's mix, now in an extended version with two never before heard remixes.  Play loud, mix with friends, and enjoy.

Kevin Returns To The Greyhound

It's official.  Kevin has returned to the Greyhound Bar and Grill for his Saturday Night Super Shows.  Burgers, wings, beers, spirits, sports and of course DJs.  Triple A has had a presence in the Greyhound since its inception and we've seen it grow into one of the premiere spots in Highland Park.  So if you've been digging what you've heard from Kevin on our blog and you want to see him do his thing live, come by Saturday nights.  And don't forget our resident DJ Bumbaclot spins there every Friday evening as well.

Kevin Runs The Trap

Happy Holidays!
What better way to spend time with friends and family than to run the trap?  Kevin had been meaning to lay the trap for some time now, fooling around with rough mixes every so often in his living room. Perhaps it was the release of the latest RL Grime that set him over the edge.  So crank up the bass and spend a booty shakin' 40 minutes with Kevin.  Drop that when prompted.  Throw your back out.

Redford Freshens Up with some New Jazz Hop


I grew up on a steady diet of jazz. The greatest musicians could improvise, change, augment pieces on the fly. But the beats and rhythms always intoxicated. Jazz-hop, that mixture of jazz and hip hop so popular over the past twenty years, is like a refuge for me. So this mixtape has some of the greatest new sounds in the genre. Many of these guys are from France and all are A+ cats. Contributing artists: Henrik 3000, Hisanova, The Geek x VRV, Globul Dub, and Thrupence. Sick tunes, guys.


Kevin's Hour-Long NIN mix

Pretty/Hesitation Ver 7.0

This project has definitely been a long time coming and a labor of love.  Pretty Hate Machine was one of the first albums I owned in junior high and The Downward Spiral solidified Nine Inch Nails as a cornerstone in my music library and has never left my top 3 bands list ever since.  It's been literally decades since I first dreamt of mixing and remixing NIN songs and albums, but I think the mixing technology has only recently gotten to a place where I didn't need to be a sound engineer to be able to realize what I always knew I had in my head.  I'd say if I'm honest, I'm still not there technique wise.  Hence the "Ver 7.0".  It's definitely still a work in progress and as the band releases new albums I'll most likely expand and refine the mix.  This mix represents the seventh attempt at playing the nearly hour long mix all the way through with minimal mistakes.  Something about the raw nature of the music combined with the technical precision of each album's production, made me want to put this mix together live using Traktor.  After some organization beforehand, I spent most of my time trying out different combinations and discovering new remixes.  Another reason I so respect Trent and what he's accomplished over the years, I was finding similarities, harmonies, and syncopations between songs and albums created decades apart.  I think that through line is the most exciting aspect of this mix, and especially satisfying for NIN fans.  I did, however, want to create a mix for non-fans to be a sort of buffet of NIN for those looking to see what the band is all about.  I think NIN gets a reputation of being metal, hardcore, or just loud and dirty, which I think is too narrow a definition.  There's so much depth and complexity, my hope was to be able to bring that to the forefront while adding yet another layer of depth through the mix itself.

My hope is that both NIN fans and newbloods alike will give this mix a listen, and perhaps be inspired to dive into the rich catalogue of NIN albums that comprise it.

DJ Bumbaclot's The Notorious Natalie M.E.R.

What's better than The Notorious B.I.G. rapping about every r&b singer he wants to bone? The Notorious B.I.G. rapping about every r&b singer he wants to bone over some bluesy Natalie Merchant, that's what. Check out the pairing of the '90s gems "Dreams" and "Carnival" below.

Barcade Mix

A very special mix by the whole Triple A team dedicated to video games. Kevin starts by entering a cheat code and then goes HAM on the first three levels with a dancy, electronic mix for 23 minutes. Aaron Nice slows down the pace and tactically sneaks his way through levels 4 and 5 with Solid Snake-like grace until the 34:30 mark. Redford takes the steering wheel until the 54:30 mark and speeds his way to the main boss with heavy tracks blasting through his Cruisin' USA speakers. This is where the closer, DJ Bumbaclot, squares off against the last boss with rugged 8-bit hip hop beats designed to bump and beat down the big boss with bass. DJ Bumbaclot takes the princess home but tells everyone that she's in another castle.

Kevin Offers a Taste of an Easter Egg

While on his second playthough, Kevin found this juicy easter egg.  Here's some excerpts of a longer mix soon to come..

Bonus Round Scores are Tripled for Aaron Nice!

A quick trip down memory lane. Sleepovers, cold pizza, and tangled nintendo cords.