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Kevin's Hour-Long NIN mix

Pretty/Hesitation Ver 7.0

This project has definitely been a long time coming and a labor of love.  Pretty Hate Machine was one of the first albums I owned in junior high and The Downward Spiral solidified Nine Inch Nails as a cornerstone in my music library and has never left my top 3 bands list ever since.  It's been literally decades since I first dreamt of mixing and remixing NIN songs and albums, but I think the mixing technology has only recently gotten to a place where I didn't need to be a sound engineer to be able to realize what I always knew I had in my head.  I'd say if I'm honest, I'm still not there technique wise.  Hence the "Ver 7.0".  It's definitely still a work in progress and as the band releases new albums I'll most likely expand and refine the mix.  This mix represents the seventh attempt at playing the nearly hour long mix all the way through with minimal mistakes.  Something about the raw nature of the music combined with the technical precision of each album's production, made me want to put this mix together live using Traktor.  After some organization beforehand, I spent most of my time trying out different combinations and discovering new remixes.  Another reason I so respect Trent and what he's accomplished over the years, I was finding similarities, harmonies, and syncopations between songs and albums created decades apart.  I think that through line is the most exciting aspect of this mix, and especially satisfying for NIN fans.  I did, however, want to create a mix for non-fans to be a sort of buffet of NIN for those looking to see what the band is all about.  I think NIN gets a reputation of being metal, hardcore, or just loud and dirty, which I think is too narrow a definition.  There's so much depth and complexity, my hope was to be able to bring that to the forefront while adding yet another layer of depth through the mix itself.

My hope is that both NIN fans and newbloods alike will give this mix a listen, and perhaps be inspired to dive into the rich catalogue of NIN albums that comprise it.