Triple A is a band of Los Angeles DJs dedicated to bringing you the highest standard in music for any occasion.

Barcade Mix

A very special mix by the whole Triple A team dedicated to video games. Kevin starts by entering a cheat code and then goes HAM on the first three levels with a dancy, electronic mix for 23 minutes. Aaron Nice slows down the pace and tactically sneaks his way through levels 4 and 5 with Solid Snake-like grace until the 34:30 mark. Redford takes the steering wheel until the 54:30 mark and speeds his way to the main boss with heavy tracks blasting through his Cruisin' USA speakers. This is where the closer, DJ Bumbaclot, squares off against the last boss with rugged 8-bit hip hop beats designed to bump and beat down the big boss with bass. DJ Bumbaclot takes the princess home but tells everyone that she's in another castle.